Below is a selection of keynote lectures and symposium presentations on various aspect of environmental physiology. A great way to learn from the experts. These video are hosted on Youtube.

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  • Impact of High Altitude on the Development of Fatigue during Exercise by Dr Markus Amann Watch on Youtube

Football and Team sports:

  • Determinants of Team Sports Performance at altitude by Prof. David Bishop Watch on Youtube
  • Capacity to Sprint: Effect of Arterial Hypoxemia by Dr. Francois Billaut Watch on Youtube
  • Timing of Competition After Return from Altitude Training by Dr Robert Chapman Watch on Youtube
  • Hypobaric VS. Normobaric Hypoxia: Differences and consequences in team sports preparation by Prof. Gregoire Millet Watch on Youtube


  • Is Altitude Training Beneficial to Performance by Prof Chris Gore Watch on Youtube
  • Effect of Normobaric Hypoxic Training on Exercise Performance by Dr Carsten Lundby Watch on Youtube
  • The Individual Response to Training at Altitude by Dr Robert Chapman Watch on Youtube
  • Medical Aspects of Altitude Training by Dr Olaf Schumacher Watch on Youtube

Cycling and Running:

Football and Team sports:

Paralympic athletes:

  • Heat Issues for Paralympic Athletics by Dr Nick Webborn Watch on Youtube
  • Thermoregulation in Paralympic-Athletes: challenges and solutions by Dr Sebastien Racinais Watch on Youtube



Research from the lab:

Heat acclimation / acclimatization:

Health and Safety


  • Beating the heat before, during and after athletic competition. by Dr Lee Taylor Watch on Youtube 

Paralympic athletes:

      • Travel issues for the Paralympic Athtete by Prof Wayne Derman Watch on Youtube