Football and Altitude




Football at high altitude (pages iii–iv)
P. Bärtsch, J. Dvorak and B. Saltin
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General introduction to altitude adaptation and mountain sickness (pages 1–10)
P. Bärtsch and B. Saltin
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Classical altitude training (pages 11–20)
B. Friedmann-Bette
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Live high, train low at natural altitude (pages 21–28)
J. Stray-Gundersen and B. D. Levine
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Live and/or sleep high:train low, using normobaric hypoxia (pages 29–37)
J.-P. Richalet and C. J. Gore
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Training in hypoxia and its effects on skeletal muscle tissue (pages 38–49)
H. Hoppeler, S. Klossner and M. Vogt
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Intermittent hypoxia at rest for improvement of athletic performance (pages 50–56)
P. Bärtsch, C. Dehnert, B. Friedmann-Bette and V. Tadibi
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Effects of various training modalities on blood volume (pages 57–69)
W. Schmidt and N. Prommer
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Ethics of technologically constructed hypoxic environments in sport (pages 70–75)
S. Loland and A. Caplan
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Effect of altitude on football performance (pages 76–84)
B. D. Levine, J. Stray-Gundersen and R. D. Mehta
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Preparation for football competition at moderate to high altitude (pages 85–95)
C. J. Gore, P. E. McSharry, A. J. Hewitt and P. U Saunders
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Consensus statement on playing football at different altitude (pages 96–99)
Peter Bärtsch, Bengt Saltin and Jiri Dvorak
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