Exercise in Hot Environments: From Basic Concepts to Field Applications.




Training and playing football in hot environments (pages iv–v)
Dvorak and S. Racinais
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Temperature and neuromuscular function (pages 1–18)
Racinais and J. Oksa
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Central fatigue and neurotransmitters, can thermoregulation be manipulated? (pages 19–28)
Meeusen and B. Roelands
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Exercise in a hot environment: the skin circulation (pages 29–39)
M. Johnson
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Dehydration and rehydration in competative sport (pages 40–47)
J. Maughan and S. M. Shirreffs
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Hemorheology and exercise: effects of warm environments and potential consequences for sickle cell trait carriers (pages 48–52)
Philippe Connes
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Interconnections between thermal perception and exercise capacity in the heat (pages 53–59)
Stephen S. Cheung
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Cognitive function in hot environments: a question of methodology (pages 60–70)
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Cycling in the heat: performance perspectives and cerebral challenges (pages 71–79)
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Different effects of heat exposure upon exercise performance in the morning and afternoon (pages 80–89)
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Hydration: Special issues for playing football in warm and hot environments (pages 90–94)
M. Shirreffs
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Distance running in hot environments: a thermal challenge to the elite runner (pages 95–102)
J. Maughan
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Physiological strain and countermeasures with firefighting (pages 103–116)
S. Cheung, S. R. Petersen and T. M. McLellan
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Living, training and playing in the heat: challenges to the football player and strategies for coping with environmental extremes (pages 117–124)
J. Maughan, S. M. Shirreffs, K. T. Ozgünen, S. S. Kurdak, G. Ersöz, M. S. Binnet and J. Dvorak
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Original Articles

Examination of fatigue development in elite soccer in a hot environment: a multi-experimental approach (pages 125–132)
Mohr, I. Mujika, J. Santisteban, M. B. Randers, R. Bischoff, R. Solano, A. Hewitt, A. Zubillaga, E. Peltola and P. Krustrup
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Hydration and sweating responses to hot-weather football competition (pages 133–139)
S. Kurdak, S. M. Shirreffs, R. J. Maughan, K. T. Ozgünen, Ç. Zeren, S. Korkmaz, Z. Yazici, G. Ersöz, M. S. Binnet and J. Dvorak
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Effect of hot environmental conditions on physical activity patterns and temperature response of football players (pages 140–147)
T. Özgünen, S. S. Kurdak, R. J. Maughan, Ç. Zeren, S. Korkmaz, Z. Yazιcι, G. Ersöz, S. M. Shirreffs, M. S. Binnet and J. Dvorak
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The effects of exercise, heat, cooling and rehydration strategies on cognitive function in football players (pages 148–160)
Bandelow, R. Maughan, S. Shirreffs, K. Ozgünen, S. Kurdak, G. Ersöz, M. Binnet and J. Dvorak
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Position Statement

Current knowledge on playing football in hot environments (pages 161–167)
Grantham, S. S. Cheung, P. Connes, M. A. Febbraio, N. Gaoua, J. González-Alonso, O. Hue, J. M. Johnson, R. J. Maughan, R. Meeusen, L. Nybo, S. Racinais, S. M. Shirreffs and J. Dvorak
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